WRITER's James and Andy Ralph are brothers, and if you couldn't see it in their faces, you'd see it written all over them, in one instance, literally. The two share a tattoo—the words "Brothers Ralph" surrounding an anchor, like two sailors navigating the same sea—and their brotherhood lays the foundation for their particular sound. Andy's voice cascades and careens around and across James' almost impossibly hard floor tom hits, and when the two join together to shout a chorus or a particularly important lyric, they create a sound that's much more than two boys playing songs together.

Growing up in Yucaipa, California and cutting their teeth, drumsticks and guitar strings in San Diego, WRITER has taken the Ralphs all over the country and since moving to Brooklyn two years ago, they've gone on tour with bands like Os Mutantes, Cults, Margot & the Nuclear So & So's, Tape Deck Mountain, Heartless Bastards and Guards. Although their songs still bring forth the mermaids, highways and pretty girls of California, with a studio space and a collection of new tracks, their sound is evolving. You can feel it, too, when they play live. Months of touring, taking risks on different rooms and varied sound guys, has given WRITER a newfound confidence but also a newfound freedom, making their performances as exuberant in a brand new, giant venue as it would be in one of their old haunts back in San Diego.

The pair released their debut record "Brotherface" on UK Label 3 Syllables in 2012. "Brotherface" is a fuzz laden, seismic registering, teeth gritting, fist clenching 10 song record. Brooklyn Vegan announced it's release as a record "loaded with dense, gritty, anthemic songs".

Now less than a year later the brothers have composed a 7in follow up titled "I Make Neon". The 2 songs found on "I Make Neon" were recorded with the help of New York based painter Paul Kostabi at his studio Upstate. "I Make Neon" layers monstrous guitars, perverted drums, foreign digital sounds, and more ghosty melody lines... all foreshadowing the next WRITER full length.


"Loaded with dense, gritty, anthemic songs" - Brooklyn Vegan

"Hot Days" is your sample, which the band has self-described as 'GhettoTech garage rock.' It's true, too. The song burns with raw, hollow production and an overlay of static fuzz." - RCRD LBL

"The pair deliver a song in which slightly sludgy setups contrast with uplifting "ooh-ooh-ooh" choruses. Providing plenty of crunchy strumming and throbbing percussion" - Interview Magazine

"WRITER - with a considerable amount more grace and a ton more salty, seaside breeze - seems, oddly, to look at social situations in a way that Kurt Cobain once upon a time did - with feelings of enthusiasm and aloofness, and what amounts to getting bent over and told that this is just how it's gonna have to be." - Daytrotter

"A comfortable place between garage-rock and lo-fi surf-pop… these guys have definitely found a sound that works." - Filter Magazine

"It's that committment to the special little particulars of life that WRITER lends to its grungey jams that keeps us coming back." - Impose Magazine

"A loud, scruffy bear hug of music, propelled by a refreshingly airy and organic drum boom paired with a liberally employed borderline haphazard tambourine shimmer." - Vice / Noisey

"Brothers Andy and James Ralph have learned to work together as the San Diego-based art-rock duo, Writer. If you like semi-nude, soaking wet mermaids… and various underwater creatures interspersed, then you should be right at home under the sea." - Consequence Of Sound